Have a wander ... Hi I’m Claire, come wander with me, I believe you will find something to interest you. I call myself an illustrator and artisan because I love using a range of different techniques in my creative work. I’m an “old school” trained designer and artist which gives me a breadth of skills that allows my work to have great variety, ranging from hand rendered collage and mixed media to digital production. It also taught me high professional standards and disciplines. Over the years I have worked to develop new skills and techniques ensuring that I keep up to date. As a result, I have recently completed a BA in Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire gaining a first class honours degree. This has opened new horizons for me and have found that I enjoy, and am pretty good at, areas that are new to me such as book illustrations and editorial images. During my artistic journey I have painted, drawn, done lots of different craft type activities, been a professional graphic designer and constantly experimented with new ideas, techniques and materials. Art and craft shops are always a lure and a visit most often results in a new creation. Do take a look at my portfolio; hopefully this will spark something in you; perhaps a technique, a material or a specific mark will inspire you to believe I could be the artist to do the piece of work you are looking to have created.
illustrator and artisan... skills and techniques... artistic journey... look at my portfolio... ... it would be great to talk

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